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Rules for Competition

  • Participant must fill and submit completed registration form.
  • Once filled participant must pay Semi finals registration fee.
  • Upon selection in semi finals, participants must pay Final competition fee.
  • GIBC is open to dance students of all nationalities, aged 4 years onwards. 
  • A participant’s age for the entire GIBC 2024 season is determined strictly as of January 1, 2024.
  • All information provided by the candidate must be correct, failing to do so may lead to disqualification.
  • Highest order of ages will be taken into consideration in group categories
Certificates & Prizes
  • All performing participants shall receive Certificate of participations.
  • In case of no-show, Certificate of participation shall not be provided.
  • GIBC is not responsible for any loss of prizes, certificates , medals, scholarship letters or any prize,  merchandises & shall not replace / reissue the same.
  • GIBC does not represent any of the partnering brands / organisations, and does not take responsibility of their actions.
  • All winners shall receive Winning certificate & Medals or trophies.
  • Selective deserving winners shall receive training scholarship and/or brand prizes as selected by the partner brands / organizations.
  • Scholarship winners are solely chosen by Jury Panel & Scholarship partners, GIBC does not interfere neither authorise over this decision.
  • Brand partners are free to choose selected candidates in order to avail their gift packs.
  • Participants must choose a performing song appropriate for his/her age category.
  • A participant is not allowed more than one performance within the same dance style. However, he/she can perform in multiple categories, for example, he/she can perform one dance in classical ballet and one in modern contemporary, in solo & group respectively. 
  • All the selected finalists must perform the same choreography on the same music as per semi finals. No major changes or modifications.
  • Once submitted, no changes  / replacements / modifications are allowed to the audio. It is deemed as the final audio. 
  • A competitor who surpasses the required time limit (2.5 mins) will receive a scoring penalty OR disqualification from the competition; depending upon the decision of the GIBC Judging Panel.
  • Fees mentioned are per participant per performance. 
  • Participants shall not be allowed to participate without completion of fees payment 
  • Fees paid are non refundable / non adjustable
  • GIBC reserves the right to deny any registration at its discretion.
On the Event Day
  • Every participant must register their names & collect their bibs as they enter the venue for both Semi finals & Finals.
  • Each participant will be allowed only one guardian backstage / at the greenroom
    We request you to avoid crowding in the green room / backstage.
  • No eatables allowed backstage, inside auditorium premises, green room. Guests are requested to make use of the canteen.
  • GIBC is not responsible for the absence of the performer at the time of the event.
  • GIBC does not take responsibility for your property / belongings at the event. We urge you to be attentive at all times.
Photo / Video
  • Participants can purchase photo / video packs at the venue counter & online.
  • Video / photo Shooting / recording is strictly not allowed inside the auditorium. 
  • Photography and video filming by audience at the auditorium or in class studio workshops of GIBC Competition is forbidden.
  • Distribution of photos / videos are chargeable & may take up to 2 months from the date of the competition.
  • GIBC does not take responsibility for loss / damage of photos / videos once they have been distributed to the participants. 
  • GIBC assigns an official photographer and videographer. GIBC owns the permanent right to all photographs, visual and audio recordings of the performance and participation of candidates during competition.
  • Candidates agree to waive all rights to all recordings made by GIBC or by any authorized third party on behalf of GIBC, and allow such recordings to be used by GIBC or authorized sponsors and third party for any form of promotional and commercial purpose. This includes, but is not limited to, the recordings of master classes, participants’ rehearsals or performances during the competition, or any activities in the venue lobby or backstage.
Audience Seating
  • Each participant shall be given 2 audience tickets for the Final competition event. Tickets can be collected at the Venue on the same day as Finals.  All seating’s are first come first serve.
  • Entry to the Semi finals is Free. All seatings are first come first serve.
    In general, Final event tickets shall be made available online for purchase.
Own Expenses
  • Travel, visa, expenses to attend the competition, and insurance against accidents, injury, illness and theft, are at participants’ own cost and responsibility.
  • GIBC has the right to all final decisions of the rules and regulations, and the results of competition.
  • Decision of Jury on distribution of any award, medal, scholarship and prize is final and irrevocable. 
  • GIBC Jury reserves the right to offer or not to offer any published award, medal, scholarship or prize if no suitable candidate is identified. 
  • We are strongly committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all dancers, and especially of our youngest participants. 
  • Please make sure that you adhere to the guidelines set forth below: Students Age 10 and under are strictly prohibited from performing en pointe. 
  • Master Classes with the GIBC experts and master teachers are an integral part of the GIBC experience and part of GIBC’s educational mission.
  • Though participation is not mandatory, we strongly encourage all participants to take advantage of this valuable part of the GIBC experience.
  • Not attending will not affect a participant’s score or standing with GIBC.
  • Fees shall be charged for attending masterclasses / workshops.
  • The scoring system consists of two elements – artistic and technical – and is evaluated on a 100- point system 50 points each.
  • Each judge’s scores are the average of the technical and artistic marks.
  • The total score is the average of scores given by all judges (there are usually three to five judges at the competition), all from different backgrounds.
  • In addition to providing a numerical score for each participant’s performance, judges may offer personal comments on the score sheet to help guide participants in their training. Scoring is adjusted to students’ individual technical levels.
  • All scoring results will be done electronically and will be announced shortly after the Semi finals event on  social media / website & eventually via email.
  • To be eligible to participate in the Finals, dancers must be selected at the GIBC SemiFinal events.
  • Dancers must receive a total score of 50 or higher in each performance for entry to the Finals.
  • Additionally, at the judges’ discretion, individual solo participants who did not receive a total score of 50 or higher on their performance may be invited to the Finals.
  • Receiving 1st, 2nd or 3rd place at Semi-Final does not guarantee selection for the Finals, as these places are awarded relative to the other performances in each category. Example: If a dancer received the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in their category, but did not receive a total score of 50 or higher for their performance, the dancer is not eligible for the Finals.

Payment Details

Bank Transaction/ Transfer Wise details
Account name: Indian Ballet Boutique
Account number: 002605501012
IFSC Code: ICICO000026



3 Simple Steps To Register




Registration Form


Music Submission
  • Submission to ONLY IN MP3 Format.
  • The Performance song must be maximum 2.5 mins.
  • The subject line while sending the audio file must ONLY include PARTICIPANT’S NAME and ID CODE.
  • The following details must be included in the body of the mail: FULL NAME / DANCE STYLE / DANCE CATEGORY / AGE CATEGORY | NAME OF SONG
  • All participants will receive a participation certificate.
  • Chosen winners will be provided International / National scholarships as well as features, brand giveaways & mentoring scholarships.
  • GIBC shall provide with scholarships details to only the winner
  • GIBC is not responsible for the physical management & authorisation of any of the scholarship academies.
  • Upon entering competition, participants hold GIBC harmless for any injury, damage or loss.
  • In an event, dancer cannot compete due to illness, or injury, no refunds can be made.
  • GIBC shall provide with scholarships details to only the winner.
  • GIBC is not responsible for the physical management & authorisation of any of the scholarship academies.
  • Food or beverages NOT are allowed in the backstage area, changing rooms and inside the auditorium or elsewhere on the competitions premises unless in the special cafeteria in the venue. Fines applicable for breaking rules.
  • Only 1 teacher/guardian per solo or group shall be allowed backstage. Teachers and participants are permitted to rehearse on stage for a restricted period of time.
  • Registration for Competition – Nov 1-30, 2023
  • Registration for workshops & Masterclasses – Nov 1, 2023 – Jan 25,2024